EdgeCar - Virtualized Edge Computing on Cars


  • TU Berlin

Team @ TKN


  • Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA, Inc., Mountain View, CA

Project Time

  • 04/2023 - 03/2025


Investigation and development of concepts and methods for task offloading and task migration in vehiuclar environments using the concept of virtualized edge computing on cars. And the goal is to realize the optimized and more adaptive highly efficient task processing strategy.

Selected Publications

  1. Ziqi Zhou, Youming Tao, Agon Memedi, Chunghan Lee, Seyhan Ucar, Onur Altintas and Falko Dressler, "Optimizing Task Migration Decisions in Vehicular Edge Computing Environments," Proceedings of 1st IEEE International Conference on Meta Computing (ICMC 2024), Qingdao, China, June 2024. [BibTeX, PDF, More details]
Last modified: 2024-01-18