CS/CM Channel Sounding and Channel Modeling for mmWave Channels


  • TU Berlin

Team @ TKN


  • Huawei Innovation Center

Project Time

  • 09/2021 - 09/2025


Millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication is emerging as a potential solution to the increasing demands for higher communication speed and capacity, becoming even more essential, particularly with the transition from 5G to 6G. In contrast to the transmission at lower frequencies, the communication at mmWave is limited to very short distances due to the high path loss. As a result, an in-depth understanding of the channel is required for building new systems and protocols. In this context, several mmWave channel models (e.g., METIS, 3GPP) and simulators (e.g., NYUSIM, MilliCar) have been developed. To gain more insights as well as for continuous reality checks, a channel sounder can be used in measurement campaigns. The objectives of this project are threefold: Firstly, we aim to develop a channel sounder based on relatively cheap software-defined radios such as USRP. To overcome the main limitation in terms of the supported bandwidth, we plan to use spectrum splicing as a technique. Secondly, the implemented channel sounder will be used to conduct measurements in diverse scenarios. The collected data will be stored and provided to the community for further validation and development of channel models. Thirdly, the data set will be used for developing a scenario-specific and possibly a generalized channel model, using first statistical regression model and machine learning techniques.

Selected Publications

  1. Sigrid Dimce, Anatolij Zubow and Falko Dressler, "mmSplicer: Toward Experimental Multiband Channel Splicing at mmWave Frequencies," Proceedings of 43rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2024), Poster Session, Vancouver, Canada, May 2024. Best Poster Award [BibTeX, PDF, More details]
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  3. Sigrid Dimce, Anatolij Zubow, Alireza Bayesteh, Giuseppe Caire and Falko Dressler, "Practical Channel Splicing using OFDM Waveforms for Joint Communication and Sensing in the IoT," arXiv, cs.NI, 2305.05508, May 2023. [DOI, BibTeX, PDF, More details]
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