Team @ CCS


  • Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF)

Project Time

  • 01/2018 - 05/2018


Recent trends towards autonomous driving are complemented by vehicular networking solutions, leading to what we now call cooperative autonomous driving systems. This trend is quite visible to the public in the automotive domain; however, only few know about the massive technological progress in the agricultural world. Here, autonomous driving, i.e., automated harvesting, etc, is already standard and early approaches to cooperative maneuvers have been brought to market already. Within this project we want to study how the solutions known from vehicular networking can be applied to agricultural machines in order to allow cooperative driving maneuvers for an increased efficiency.

Selected Publications

  1. Florian Klingler, Johannes Blobel and Falko Dressler, "Agriculture meets IEEE 802.11p: A Feasibility Study," Proceedings of 15th IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2018), Lisbon, Portugal, August 2018. [DOI, BibTeX, PDF, More details]
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