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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Falko Dressler



  • Regional Computing Center Erlangen, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


  • Dr. Peter Holleczek (coordination)
  • Falko Dressler
  • Michael Gräve
  • Susanne-Nägele-Jackson
  • Ursula Hilgers
  • Nadja Eschbaum


  • DFN (Deutesches Forschungsnetz)
  • BMBF



Project Time

  • 01.08.1998 - 31.12.2000


The project "Uni-TV" is an application where the Gigabit research network is used for the production and the distribution of high resolution multimedia material for teaching and general education, and to improve the scientific exchange between universities.
Since Spring 1999 lectures at the universities in Munich and in Erlangen have been recorded and edited online at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) (Institute of Broadcasting Technology). The book for the film has been provided by the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film (HFF) (University for Television and Film). The finished video product can be accessed "on demand" through the research network from a video server. The material is also being offered regularly on the educational channel BR-Alpha of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). "Uni-TV" is sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (Federal Ministry for Education and Research).
Since productions of this kind are very bandwidth intensive (constant data rates of over 200 Mbps are possible) and also require high quality of service guarantees in the network, applications like the project "Uni-TV" could not be implemented in the broadband research network B-WiN. The Gigabit research network, however, is able to provide enough bandwidth for such high bitrate applications. With the expansion of the Gigabit network, education and teaching with multimedia products are made widely available to everyone interested.
So far the project includes the universities in Erlangen and Munich (TUM); with an expansion of the Gigabit connections additional German and foreign universities will be able to join the project in the near future. Schools, universities and the industries will be able to make use of an unprecedented pool of teaching materials which can be applied in a myriad of ways.

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