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Content of Courses of Telecommunication Networks Group

Summer term 2015

Course Number 
First Appointment                        
L 304
Performance Evaluation of Computer Communication Systems
(in English)

fridays 10-12


tuesdays 10-12
fr. HFT/ FT 131

tue.  BH-N 128 Ernst-Reuter Platz 1
tuesday April 22nd,
room BH-N 128
Prof. Wolisz/ contact: M. Döring
IV Leistungsbewertung von Kommunikationsnetzen (0432 L 304) (4SWS)
„Performance Evaluation of Computer Communication Systems" - The success of computer and communication systems strongly depends on their performance, typically reflected in the perception of service quality. Optimizing system performance, subject to a set of resource and cost constraints, is thus a critical design goal for system engineers. Performance evaluation allows us to quantify the service delivered by systems as well as the usage of resources. The goal of this course is to introduce the field of system modeling and performance evaluation and its basic methods: measurements, simulation as well as analytical approaches. This course will contain in an integrated form: lectures, exercises as well as a small project assignment. In the exercises you are given practical tasks.
Held in English.

L 310
Mobile Communication Systems
(in English)

wednesdays 10-12

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HFT/FT 101
April 16th
Dr. Budzisz
VL Kommunikationstechnische Systeme - Mobilkommunikation (0432 L310) (2SWS)
„Mobile Communication Systems" - The goal of this lecture is twofold. First, to provide a solid overview of modern wireless communications systems. To this end, the scope of addressed topics is very broad, ranging from technologies suited for personal (Bluetooth) and local communication (IEEE 802.11) to the classical cellular networks, including the most important standards in the evolution path: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, and LTE-Advanced. Second and most importantly, the aspect of integration of the above mentioned systems will be discussed, with many practical details on how different technologies and solutions can co-exist together in order to improve the overall service efficiency. A special attention will be put on problems with adjusting the individual mechanisms/solutions to work in a co-operative framework. Held in English. 
L 339
Networked Embedded Systems
(in English)

12-2 pm
MAR 0002
April 25th 

IV Kommunikation in eingebetteten Systemen (0432 L 339) (4SWS)
"Networked Embedded Systems" -The course will present and discuss network architectures and protocols for embedded systems . Embedded systems play currently an important role in many applications, such as, industrial automation, automotive and avionic applications etc. A lot of these applications are critical and most of them are (hard) real-time, which puts constraints on the design of the underlying system software and communications protocols. Held in English. 
L 312
High-speed Network Technologies
(in English)

thursdays 2-4 pm
TA 251
April 17th
Prof. Wolisz/ Dr. Woesner
VL Breitband-Netztechnologien (0432 L312) (2SWS)
„High-speed Network Technologies" - The lecture will introduce the technologies currently in use for high-speed networking below, and to some extend including IP. After a brief overview of optical transmission principles, Ethernet will be examined in its current technological flavors on the data transport plane (10GbE, 100GbE) as well as its IEEE 802.1 family of control plane protocols (STP/RSTP, QinQ, LLDP, SPB, PBB). Furtheron, a brief overview is given on SONET/SDH and (G)MPLS, again considering data transport and control separately. The generalization of this data/control plane split is introduced with OpenFlow and the wider definition of Software Defined Networks. A voluntary practical part will provide hands-on experience with OpenFlow and help better understanding some of the control plane protocols that are introduced in the lecture.
L 361
Tech GI4 Technical Foundations of Computer Science IV: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

thursday 2-4 pm

additional meetings on the following fridays 2-4 room: 
HE 101
april 25th/may 23rd/ june 13th, june 20th
ER 270
Ernst-Ruska Gebäude,
Hardenbergstr. 36A
April 17th 
Prof. Wolisz/ contact:  D. Happ
VL Tech GI4 Rechnernetze und Verteilte Systeme (0432 L361) (2SWS)  BSc 4. Semester Computer Science
„Computer Networks and Distributed Systems" - The course "Technical Foundations of Computer Science" gives an overview of the general concepts of computer networks and distributed systems. It starts with the definition and distinction of computer networks and distributed systems, collects requirements, introduces the ISO OSI model, inter-process communication paradigms, interaction models (client-server etc.) and the concept of naming. Afterwards, application services like distributed file systems, world-wide-web, multimedia are covered, followed by middleware architectures, infrastructural services, transactions and remote procedure calls (RPC). The remaining course is more clearly focused on computer networks: Starting with transport services and interface (QoS, Sockets), networking mechanisms as switching, error control, flow control and routing are introduced followed by the internet protocol stack (IP, TCP, UDP), local networks as parts of the internet (e.g. ethernet, WLAN) and an introduction to network security and network management. The course concludes with an outlook on specific problems in computer networks and distributed systems and current research issues. A 2 SWS lecture is accompanied by a 2 SWS tutorial where students present and discuss the results of their home assignments (literature research, knowledge application, calculations and programming exercises). Held in German. 
L 999
Network Technologies:
"Traffic engineering in heterogeneous wireless networks. Challenges and opportunities"
(in English)

thursdays 12-2 pm 
HFT/ FT 441
April 17th
Dr. Budzisz
SE Kommunikationstechnologien: (0432 L 999) (2SWS) "Network Technologies: Traffic engineering in heterogeneous wireless networks. Challenges and opportunities"
The seminar will discuss a huge variety of topics of students' choice in the area of traffic engineering in heterogeneous wireless network scenarios, e.g., LTE/LTE-A. The main objective of this seminar is to develop the skill of critical evaluation of the literature available in the selected research areas and to be able to spot the most important challenges and research opportunities. At the end of the course, students are expected to give a technical talk resuming selected research topic, as well as to write a short technical report.
L 306
Tech GI4. Technical Foundations of Computer Science IV: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Lab Exercise
registration via MOSES
Prof. Wolisz/ contact: D. Happ
PR Tech GI4 Rechnernetze und Verteilte Systeme (0432 L 306) (2SWS)
Tutorial to the lecture. Held in German.
L 358
Network Technologies Project

Offered Projects

Wed, April 16th 2014
HFT/FT 340, 2.15 pm
Prof. Wolisz/ contact: M. Döring 
L 307
Project in advanced network technologies (English)
Offered Projects
Wed, April 16th 2014
HFT/FT 340, 2.15 pm
Prof. Wolisz/ contact: M. Döring
PJ : Kommunikationstechnologien bzw. Kommunikationsnetze (0432 L358) (4SWS)/ Project in advanced network technologies (0432 L307) (4SWS)
„Communication Networks" Project participants should solve a larger problem together in small groups (2-3 persons) as independently as possible. You should acquire exercise in the organisation and execution of projects while working within a team. Held in German and English.
L 370
Seminar for Graduates and Postgraduates
thursdays 10 - noon
HFT/FT 131
will be announced
Prof. Wolisz
Diplomanden- und Doktorandenseminar (0432 L370)
„Diploma thesis/ doctoral thesis in Telecommunication Networks" - talks on final BA/MA thesis. 

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