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TWIST WiFi channel measurements

TWIST provides a testbed for development and testing the wireless protocols or applications in a real-life environment (office building). Among other it has there are WiFi routers and devices distributed in the building, that allow to experiment with mesh or corporate/AP based WiFi networks.
For the developers using the testbed not only the locations of the nodes are very important but also the signal quality and expected throughputs between them. This allows for much better planning of the experiments.
Perform a full mesh measurements of the interference and throughput between all WiFi nodes deployed in TWIST testbed in TKN building. The measurements and analysis needs to be done in a very repeatable way. Also, the data needs to be stored in a reusable format.
The documentation of the experiments should allow for repetition done by someone else. Which means that the execution style and presentation will matter for this task.
  • Understanding of IEEE 802.11 networks
  • Good Linux knowledge
  • Python programming skills
Mikolaj Chwalisz ()

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