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IEEE 802.11ac Indoor-to-Outdoor Link-level Measurements

In this project we want to investigate whether the IEEE 802.11ac (WiFi) technology issuitable for providing a low-cost high capacity wireless backhaul and hence can replace the wired last mile (e.g. DSL) to the customer. Specifically, we want to investigate whether WiFi is able to bridge the gap between outdoors and the indoors. In order to provide the required high capacity (> 100 Mbps) we will focus on the usage of 5 GHz UNII bands. During that project, we are going to investigate the impact of WiFi node placement as well as WiFi configuration (channel bandwidth, MIMO mode, etc.). The required hard- and software for the experiments is available and tested.
In the scope of this project, the student will:

  • Perform link-level measurements using IEEE 802.11ac hardware: i) experiment setup, ii) experiment  execution and iii) collection of results,
  • Evaluate and visualize the results


  • Background on WiFi (IEEE 802.11ac) 
  • Linux (OpenWRT) skills
  • Programming skills in languages such as Python, C, MATLAB





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