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DASH-QoE: Quality-of-Experience for DASH


Group members: L. Stahlschmidt, M. Ohlendorf, L.C. Sander

Supervisor: Suzan Bayhan

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is one of the most widely spread and used solution to deliver video content to consumers over the internet. It is essential to improve and guarantee a certain Quality of Experience(QoE) for the viewer in video streaming sessions otherwise the content provider risks losing customers. This can be fatal because of the highly competitive market situation. Therefore, a way to predict the Quality of Experience which corresponds to the viewers subjective opinion is needed. To achieve such a QoE-Model we used existing metrics and provide a possibility to collect the necessary data during the streaming session. With this we are able to research the influence of different Quality of Service(QoS) parameters on the QoE.

The mentioned QoS parameters include the bandwidth and delay among others. In our project, we manipulate the network over which the stream is delivered and then rate the influence of different network conditions to the delivered stream. During the streaming session a real time metric is calculated taking into consideration of the video quality and streaming related impairments such as buffering/stalls. For our project we use the open source dash.js player developed by the DASH Industry Forum.

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