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Distributed Adaptation of MAC Access Category Parameters using ResFi in order to increase downstream fairness between Stations


In this work, a novel algorithm for increasing the downlink traffic fairness in residential WiFi networks is introduced. The algorithm addresses the problem that arises when two APs (or more) operate in the same WiFi collision zone on the same channel while serving a different number of client stations (STA). Because in 802.1, APs are treated the same way as client STAs, the AP with more STAs will have less medium access time in the downlink per STA than the other AP. In this work, we solve this unfairness by manipulating the CW min values of the APs with the goal of reaching an equal amount of medium access time per client across the whole collision zone.  Moreover, using the ResFi framework we enabled the APs to cooperatively negotiate the CWmin values to achieve fairness. In a few basic tests that were conducted, our proposed algorithm shows promising results for solving this unfairness.

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Viktor Schlüter
Florian Knopp
Marcin Bosk
Jonathan Schostak