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Course description - Project in advanced network technologies [1]

more to: Course description - Project in advanced network technologies [2]


  • Every offered project can be adjusted to the level of Bachelor or Master students. The student group assigned to a given project will, however, be composed uniformly either Bachelor or Master students.

Completed student projects

As soon the project is done, the project documentation is linked.

Winter term 2018/2019
  • IEEE 802.1ac Indoor-to Outdoor Link-level Measurements  [3]
    Supervisor: Anatolij Zubow (zubow@tkn.tu-berlin.de [4] )
  • WifiLocator [5]
    Supervisor: Anatolij Zubow (zubow@tkn.tu-berlin.de [6])
  • KRACK [7]
    Supervisor: Anatolij Zubow (zubow@tkn.tu-berlin.de [8])
  • Offloading Spectrum Enabled by Blockchain Supervisor [9]
    Suzan Bayhan
    (bayhan@tkn.tu-berlin.de [10])
    Anatolij Zubow
    (zubow@tkn.tu-berlin.de [11])
  • DASH-QoE: Quality-of-Experience for DASH [12]
    Supervisor: Suzan Bayhan (bayhan@tkn.tu-berlin.de [13])
  • Catching abnormal helpers in smart-contract based spectrum sensing [14]
    Suzan Bayhan (bayhan@tkn.tu-berlin.de [15]),
    Anatolij Zubow (zubow@tkn.tu-berlin.de [16])
  • SecureFog Vault: Implementation of an AAA-service at the edge of the network [17]
    Supervisor: Vlado Handziski (handzisk@tkn.tu-berlin.de [18])
Summer term 2017
  • Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone and Smartwatch Sensors [19]
    Supervisor: Daniel Happ (happ@tkn.tu-berlin.de [20])
  • Enabling Cooperation of Home Wi-Fi routers by porting ResFi to legacy Home Wi-Fi Gateways [21]
    Supervisor: Sven Zehl (zehl@tkn.tu-berlin.de [22])
Winter term 2016/17
  • TWIST WiFi channel measurements [23]
    Supervisor: Mikolaj Chwalisz (chwalisz@tkn.tu-berlin.de [24])
SS 2016
  • Pulse Arrival Time estimation in a synchronised Body Sensor Network [25]
    Supervisor: Mikolaj Chwalisz
  • Distributed Adaptation of MAC Access Category Parameters using ResFi in order to increase downstream fairness between Stations [26]
    Supervisor: Sven Zehl
WS 2015/16
  • Airmesh - The flying mesh network [27]
    Supervisor: Michael Döring
WS 2014/15
  • A reliable multi-channel RSS measurement tool for Wireless Sensor Networks [28]
    Supervisor: Onur Ergin
SS 2014
  • Neighbor Discovery and Tracking in mm-Wave Networks [29]
    Supervisor: Dr. Anatolij Zubow
WS 2013/14
  • Variation in Beacon Packets' RSSI Measurements due to RF Interference [30]
    Supervisors: Dr. Arash Behboodi, Filip Lemic
  • Implementation of an Interface between ROS and OMF [31]
    Supervisors: Mikolaj Chwalisz, Jasper Büsch
SS 2013
  • Service announcement using beacon stuffing in 802.11 networks [32]
    Supervisors: Niels Karowski, Dr. Vlado Handziski
  • Indoor localization using augmented reality markers [33]
    Supervisors: Jasper Büsch, Dr. Vlado Handziski
WS 2012/2013
  • Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming [34]
    Supervisor: Konstantin Miller
SS 2012
  • Rapid Prototyping of Indoor Localization Algorithms using TWIST
    Supervisors: Manoj Rege, Dr. Vlado Handziski
SS 2011
  • Implementing a Simple Protocol Endpoint on an OpenFlow Switching Platform
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmad Rostami
  • Performance Evaluation of Controller and Forwarding/Processing Elements in an OpenFlow Switch
    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmad Rostami
  • Statistical evaluation of sets of traffic matrices
    Supervisor: Filip Idzikowski
WS 2010/2011
  • A Distributed Spectrum Analyzer in the TWIST Testbed
    Supervisor: Jan Hauer
  • Improving TCP Performance over Multiple Paths
    Supervisors: Tacettin Ayar, Berthold Rathke
SS 2010
  • Adding network coding capabilities to the OMNET simulator
    Supervisors: Konstantin Miller, Dr. Aline Viana
  • Automatic Selection of Smartphone Access Technology
    Supervisors: Dr. Stephan Rein, Dr. Aline Viana
  • Efficiency Analysis of Video Traffic in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
    Supervisor: Sven Wiethölter
WS 2009/2010
  • Conquer TWIST [35]
    Supervisor: Niels Karowski
  • Performance evaluation of rate adaptation schemes under realistic traffic conditions in an IEEE 802.11g testbed
    Supervisor: Sven Wiethölter
WS 2008/2009
  • Neighborhood Discovery of Body Area Networks
    Supervisor: Niels Karowski
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