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Content of Courses/ Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltungen

Summer term 2020/ Sommersemester 2020

Start of summer semester lectures will be postponed to April 20th./ Der Beginn der Vorlesungszeit wird auf den 20. April 2020 verschoben.



The classes are presented using the language in which they are taught/ 
Die Veranstaltungen werden in der Sprache beschrieben, in der sie gehalten werden.




first date/ erster Termin

L 310
Modern Wireless Networks

Tuesday: 14.00- 16.00

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HFT/TA 101
Dr. Zubow
VL: Modern Wireless Networks (0432 L 310) (2SWS)
 The goal of this lecture is twofold. First, to provide a solid overview of modern wireless communications systems. To this end, the scope of addressed topics is very broad, ranging from technologies suited for personal (Bluetooth) and local communication (IEEE 802.11) to the classical cellular networks, including the most important standards in the evolution path: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, and LTE-Advanced. Second and most importantly, the aspect of integration of the above mentioned systems will be discussed, with many practical details on how different technologies and solutions can co-exist together in order to improve the overall service efficiency. A special attention will be put on problems with adjusting the individual mechanisms/solutions to work in a co-operative framework.
L 339
Vehicular Networking and Cooperative Driving


Thursday: 8.00-10.00
HFT/TA 131
Prof. Dressler
IV: Vehicular Networking and Cooperative Driving (0432 L 339) (4SWS) 
Product innovation of the modern automotive industry is increasingly relying on electronics and communication systems. Young
professionals are expected to have specialized knowledge in the fields of electronics, software, and network technologies.
This course teaches important concepts from these domains, covering in-car bus systems (electronic control units, modern bus systems, safety requirements), vehicle-to-everything communication (communication technologies, network architectures, privacy and security), as well as cooperative driving solutions (advanced driver assistance systems, platooning, interaction with vulnerable road users).

Lab: Vehicular Networking
L 999
Network Technologies:
"Selected Topics in Wireless Networking"

Monday: 14.00-16.00

HFT/ TA 131
Prof. Dressler/
Hr. Heinovski
SE: Network Technologies (0432 L 999) (2SWS)
The seminar discusses huge variety of topics of students' choice in the area of wireless mobile communication. Every semester, a more specific scope of the seminar is selected (e.g., traffic management in the LTE networks, green wireless networking, etc.). Within this technical scope, students are expected to provide their own proposals of interesting problems they would like to work on in the seminar. Following a discussion, detailed seminar topics are agreed and assigned individually to the students to work on during the semester. The main tasks students are expected to fulfill include: identification of the most important out of recent research works that are related to the seminar topic, classification of collected research articles according to a well-motivated taxonomy, identification of the most important open issues to be solved, and view on further research directions.
L 358
Projekt Kommunikationstechnologien

Mi: 15.04.2020
HFT/TA 123, 13.00 Uhr st


L 307 
Project: Advanced Network Technologies

Wednesday: 15.04.2020
HFT/TA 123, 13.00 Uhr st


PJ: Kommunikationstechnologien (0432 L 358) (4SWS) / Project: Advanced Network Technologies (0432 L 309) (4SWS)
„Kommunikationstechnologien“ – Teilnehmer bearbeiten zusammen ein größeres Problem aus der aktuellen Forschung.

„Communication Networks" – Project participants should solve a larger problem together in small groups (2-3 persons) as independently as possible. You should acquire exercise in the organisation and execution of projects while working within a team. Held in German and English.
L 993
Project: Research Project in Network Technlogies

Wednesday: 15.04.2020
HFT/TA 123, 13.00 Uhr st


PJ:Research Project in network technologies, 6SWS, (0432 L 993)
The focus is put primarily on modern systems of wireless mobile communication systems, their designing, evaluation and implementation. The aim of the project is to work in small teams and obtain solution of a major task.
If interested please contact Mr. Bräuer.
L 995 

PR Programmierpraktikum Kommunikationstechnologien


Einteilung Mi: 15.04.2020 HFT/TA 123 14.00 Uhr st.


PR: Kommunikationstechnologien (0432 L995) (4SWS)
Anhand von praktischen Aufgaben werden grundlegende Konzepte der objektorientierten Softwareentwicklung aus dem Bereich Kommunikationsnetze erlernt. Die in der Vorlesung Softwaretechnik und Programmierparadigmen ermittelten Konzepte zur Projektentwicklung und Softwaremodellierung, sowie die Konzepte und Themen aus der Vorlesung Rechnernetzt und verteilte Sysme werden hier angewendet.
L 996
PR Protocol Progamming Lab
Tuesday: 10.00-12.00
Friday: 8.00 - 10.00
HFT/TA 339
PR: Protocol Programming Lab (0432 L996) (4SWS)
Goal of this course is the development of protocol programming skills. A platform for programming embedded systems - a BeagleBone Black from Texas Instruments - will be provided to control a low power high performance wireless RF transceiver operating in the licence free 800 MHz band. In a first step a programming environment setup must be created that consists of installing a Linux operating system and needed tools (e.g. compiler, linker) and also configuring and testing the operating system to be able to control the RF transceiver via the "Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)", a very often used interface in embedded system applications. After that, an API will be designed and implemented that enables access to the RF transceiver to control wireless channel parameters such as transmission power, frequency, modulation, bit-rate, etc. with the aim to transmit and receive protocol frames, which in turn enables the testing of the design of one of protocols.



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