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Course Outline: 0432 L 996 PR Protocol Programming Lab

Goal of this course is the development of protocol programming skills. A platform for programming embedded systems - a BeagleBone Black from Texas Instruments - will be provided to control a low power high performance wireless RF transceiver operating in the licence free 800 MHz band. In a first step a programming environment setup must be created that consists of installing a Linux operating system and needed tools (e.g. compiler, linker) and also configuring and testing the operating system to be able to control the RF transceiver via the "Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)", a very often used interface in embedded system applications. After that, an API will be designed and implemented that enables access to the RF transceiver to control wireless channel parameters such as transmission power, frequency, modulation, bit-rate, etc. with the aim to transmit and receive protocol frames, which in turn enables the testing of the design of one of the following protocols:

  • Development of a Bluetooth like self-configuring adhoc-network protocol. 
  • Development of IEEE 802.11 like procedures for rate control mechanisms to reduce frame losses. 
  • Development of protocols to introduce channel bonding for capacity increase or packet loss reduction. 
One of the above protocols will be chosen. It is also possible for participants to extent this list.

BSc module „Kommunikationsnetze” or similar knowledge is required.
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