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Course Outline: 0432 L 992 IV Content Delivery Techniques

This course aims at equipping the students with a good understanding of how content distribution is managed in the Internet by covering the steps of content delivery. More particularly, students will develop skills to model and design content delivery solutions for Internet as well as to optimize performance of these systems. We start with an overview of content delivery architectures in the core network, e.g., content delivery networks as the main technique in the current Internet and information-centric networks as an emerging and well-grounded technique for the Future Internet. Next, we move on to the delivery at the access network, e.g., cellular delivery or offloading to WiFi. Finally, we discuss how video content is delivered over the wireless medium, e.g., video adaptation based on the wireless channel quality.
Based on this scope, the course provides techniques for content delivery spanning all layers of the protocol stack, e.g, routing to video rate adaptation. Moreover, the course's goal is to familiarize students with the tools used in the related literature, e.g., NDN simulator, video streaming software, by the help of a course project. Course project consists of reading selected papers and replicating or improving the proposals of the papers. The project can be prepared by a group of two or three students or individually.
The course will be an integrated course with regular weekly lectures and a course project. Course will be held in English.
Lecture Topics
Delivery Infrastructure (core network)

  1. Content delivery networks (CDN)

    1. Basics of CDNs (e.g., server selection, load balancing)
    2. Overview of Akamai, Netflix Open Connect, YouTube

  2. Information Centric Networks (ICN)

    1. Basics
    2. NDN, CCN

  3. Peer to peer networks
Access network

  1. Offloading

    1. Mobile Data Offloading through WiFi
    2. Mobile Data Offloading through mobile nodes

  2. Video over wireless

    1. Video streaming, video-on-demand (DASH, Multipath TCP for DASH)
    2. Quality of experience measurement and prediction

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