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Course Outline: 0432 L 304 IV Performance Evaluation of Computer Communication Systems

The success of computer and communication systems strongly depends on their performance, typically reflected in the perception of service quality. Optimizing system performance, subject to a set of resource and cost constraints, is thus a critical design goal for system engineers. Performance evaluation allows us to quantify the service delivered by systems as well as the usage of resources. The goal of this course is to introduce the field of system modeling and performance evaluation and its basic methods: measurements, simulation as well as analytical approaches. This course will contain in an integrated form: lectures, exercises as well as a small project assignment.
Lecture Topics
  • Basics of performance evaluation: models, performance metrics, factors and parameters
  • Timed Discrete Event Systems/Stochastic Discrete Events Systems as basis for quantitative system description
  • Methodology of Measurements as applied to real systems
  • System Simulation: programming techniques, random number generators, evaluation of simulation results with quantified uncertainty
  • Markov models, Birth and Death Processes
  • Introduction to Queueing Systems: Basic types of queueing models, Markovian Queues, Simple Queueing Networks
  • Approximate methods of Queueing Systems Analysis
  • Presentation of the Performance Evaluation Results
The usage of individual methods will be demonstrated on examples taken from computer communication networks.
While some mathematics is needed in order to present the lecture's material in a rigorous manner, this is to be presented especially for an audience with a background in computer science or engineering. Also, most of the lectures content is relevant and accessible to students and researchers in any other scientific field.
BSc module „Kommunikationsnetze” or similar knowledge is required.
IV Performance Evaluation of Computer Communication Systems: 20% project work, 15% presentation/ discussion, 65% oral exam.
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