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Project name:
Mobile Networks EVolution for Individual COmmunications Experience
Funding agency:
Project under ICT FP7 CELTIC initiative, project number: CP07-011. The total funding of the international consortium is 15.6 M‚Ǩ. German partners of the MEVICO project are funded from the BMBF (project number: 01BU1010), with a grant totalling 3.24 M‚Ç
The MEVICO project focuses on the research of the network aspects of the 3GPP LTE-mobile broadband network for its evolution in the mid-term in 2011-2014. Traffic studies forecast an explosive traffic growth in 3GPP networks in the next years. The MEVICO project is developing appealing solutions to deal with the increase of traffic, both from mobile operator and user perspective, on the basis of Rel. 10. These innovative network concepts need to meet additional future requirements of the evolving mobile networks such as users' diversity of wireless access via different technologies as well as seamless handovers to support an acceptable QoE for users. Among these concepts, smart traffic management for the next generation of mobile networks is considered to be vitally importantand thus constitutes the main focus of the the German partners involved in MEVICO.

In the context of MEVICO project TKN is actively involved in developing new traffic management techniques, addressing the research challenges related to multipath usage of TCP, access technology reselection, stateless flow admission and cross-layer interference detection
Project started on January 1st, 2011 and has a duration of 33 months
Contact person:
Lukasz Budzisz: budzisz<a>tkn.tu-berlin.de

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