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New Project SecureFog
A new BMBF project has been launched on September 1st 2017.

The general interest of TKN are architectures and protocols for communication networks. In our research we actually focus on mobile multimedia communication following the internet approach.
Our research has three complementary aspects. We address fundamental issues of the systems suggestingnew architectural approaches and new protocols. For better understanding and investigating the features of theses solutions we develop appropriate performance models (mostly simulative) as well as prototype implementations in hardware and software. More details for our research in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks can be found on our group Wiki site Recently we work on development, refinement, prototyping and evaluating the performance of an architecture called AMICA (Adaptive, Mobile Internet-based Communication Architecture) for the future mobile communication support.
In our vision of the future communication systems, end systems (MH) will be connected in a wireless way to Access points(AP) using DIFFERENT technologies (e.g. Bluetooth, WLAN, GPRS, UMTS... and more) forming a hierarchical structure with overlapping coverage areas (picture). We assume the APs to be connected by high capacity fixed links (mostly Optical links!), using the internet protocols. For such a structure we follow several innovative research questions:

Current Research Areas
Selected Projects
Completed Projects

Our research has been founded by: the European Community, German Ministry of research (BMBF), German National Reserach Council (DFG), German International Exchange Agency (DAAD) Siemens, Ericsson, German Telekom We are strongly committed to exchange of research results/tools/environments.
Here you can find information about results of our work:
Prototype Hardware and Software Components
Performance Models

We greatly appreciate questions, comments, cooperation ideas...
We cooperate with numerous groups within both the academia and industrial research community. For interested in closer cooperation we have selected basic information on: Promotion of International Academic Exchange
Under RESOURCES you can find a huge, regularly updated collection of links to research groups, industrial initiatives, standardization organization and literature sources in the areas relevant to our research.


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