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TKN Technical Report Series

A Simulation Model for the Performance Evaluation of WirelessHART TDMA Protocol
Citation key khader11a_simulation_model
Author Khader, Osama and Willig, Andreas and Wolisz, Adam
Year 2011
Number TKN-11-001
Month June
Institution Telecommunication Networks Group, Technical University Berlin
Abstract Wireless HART is a state-of-the-art solution for a time-division multiple-access (TDMA) based wireless private-area network. It combines slow frequency-hopping and a TDMA scheme that utilizes a centralized a-priori slot allocation mechanism. In this report we conduct a performance evaluation of the WirelessHART TDMA protocol and provide insights into the major factors impacting energy consumption. These insights provide valuable guidance on where to start with any effort geared towards saving energy. The main contributions of this report are: (i) We developed and implemented a simulation model for WirelessHART TDMA protocol. (ii) We conduct a sensitivity analysis of the WirelessHART TDMA energy consumption parameters using the response surface methodology. Based on these results we determine the most influential parameters (transmission, reception, listening, sleeping, turnaround and packet size) for the total energy consumption. (iii) We evaluate and discuss the impact of time synchronization and types of link scheduling algorithms on the performance of WirelessHART TDMA protocol.
Bibtex Type of Publication TKN Technical Report Series
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