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Wolisz, A., Budzisz, Ł., Döring, M., Tran-Gia, P., Lehrieder, F., Zinner, T., Gebert, S., Zitterbart, M. and Martin, D. "New Usage of Scalable Audio/Video Codecs over multiple network accesses", pending patent, no. 10 2014 006 080.2, April, 2014.

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Emmelmann, M., Wiethölter, S. and Lim, H.-T. "Employing Opportunistic Scanning for Architecture, System, and Technology Discovery", pending patent, no. USPTO US 61/186,528, 2013.

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Miller, K. and Quacchio, E. "Media-Quality Adaptation Mechanisms for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming", pending patent, no. USPTO US 13/775,885, 2013.

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