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Other Technical Reports by TKN Members

Rabaey, J. M., Wolisz, A., Ercan, A., Araujo, A., Burghardt, F., Mustafa, S., Parsa, A., Pollin, S., Wang, I.-H. and Malagon, P. "Connectivity Brokerage - Enabling Seamless Cooperation in Wireless Networks", October, 2010. (Unpublished article)

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Zubow, A., Kurth, M. and Redlich, J.-P. "Multi-Channel Opportunistic Routing", in European Wireless Conference Multi-Channel Opportunistic Routing, 2007.

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Klues, K., Handziski, V., Culler, D., Gay, D., Levis, P., Lu, C. and Wolisz, A. "Dynamic Resource Management in a Static Network Operating System", no. WUCSE-2006-56, November, 2006.

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Schläger, M., Ebert, J.-P., Wolisz, A. and Franz, W. "Quittierung in lokalen Multihop-Funknetzen", 1995.

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Schieferdecker, I. and Wolisz, A. "Verifying Performance Bounds of Communication Protocols", no. 93/11, November, 1993.

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