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Publications 1998

Journal Papers And Book Chapters

Hagen Woesner, Jean-Pierre Ebert, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz (1998). Power-Saving Mechanisms in Emerging Standards for Wireless LAN's: The MAC-Level Perspective [1]. IEEE Personal Communication Systems (Special Edition on Power Saving), 40–48.

Link to publication [2]

Jean-Pierre Ebert, Ralf Holtkamp, Adam Wolisz and Louis Ramel (1998). A Distributed Media Access Control for Wireless ATM Environments [3]. Advances in Wireless Communications. Kluwer, 93–108.

Link to publication [4]

Christian Röhl, Hagen Woesner and Adam Wolisz (1998). A Short Look on Power Saving Mechanisms in the Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11 [5]. Advances in Wireless Communications. Kluwer, 219–226.

Link to publication [6]

Hagen Woesner (1998). Primenet - A Concept for a WDM-based Fiber Backbone [7]. Optical Network Design and Modelling. Kluwer, 98–106.

Link to publication [8]

Conference Proceedings

Frank Fitzek, Berthold Rathke, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz, "Multimedia Applications over Wireless Links using the Simultaneous MAC-Packet Transmission (SMPT) in a CDMA Environment [9]". In Proc. of 5th Intl. Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Communications MoMuc'98, pp. 367–378 Berlin, Germany, oct 1998

Link to publication [10]

Berthold Rathke, Theodoros Assimakopoulos, Rolf Morich, Gerit Schulte and Adam Wolisz, "SNUFFLE: Integrated Measurement and Analysis Tool for Wireless Internet and its Use for in-House Environment [11]". In Proc. of 10th Intl. Conf. f. Computer Performance Evaluation, TOOLS'98, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, sep 1998

Link to publication [12]

W. Bao, Adam Wolisz and S. Cheng, "A New Approach to the Study of Traffic Policing [13]". In Proc. of IEEE Singapore Conf. on Networks, Singapore, jun 1998

Frank Fitzek, Berthold Rathke, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz, "Simultaneous MAC-Packet Transmission in Integrated Broadband Mobile System for TCP [14]". In Proc. of ACTS SUMMIT 1998, pp. 580–586 Rhodos, Greece, jun 1998

Link to publication [15]

Edjair Mota, Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Adam Wolisz, "Experience with AKAROA: Speeding up Stochastic Simulation Using Parallel Replications [16]". In Proc. of Advanced Simulation Technologies Conf., pp. 296–301 Boston,Massachusetts,USA, apr 1998

Link to publication [17]

Hagen Woesner, "Primenet - Network Design Based on Arrayed Waveguide Grating Multiplexers [18]". In Proc. of Design and Manufacturing of WDM Devices, pp. 22–28 Bellingham, Washington, USA, feb 1998

Link to publication [19]

Andreas Festag, Frank Fitzek and Adam Wolisz, "WATM Testbed for Handover Experiments and Measurements [20]". In Proc. of Workshop on Wireless Broadband In-house Digital Networks, Ulm, Germany, 1998

Hagen Woesner, "All-optical LAN Architectures Based on Arrayed Waveguide Grating Multiplexers [21]". In Proc. of All-Optical Networking: Architecture, Control, and Managemants Issues, pp. 158–163 Bellingham, Washington, USA, 1998

Link to publication [22]

TKN Technical Report Series

Berthold Rathke, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz, "Systematic Measurement of TCP Performance over Wireless LANs [23]", TKN Technical Report Series TKN-98-001, Telecommunication Networks Group, Technische Universität Berlin, 1998

Link to publication [24]

Talks At Workshops Seminars

Adam Wolisz, "Potential terrestrischer Funkübertragung für Multimedia [25]", DLR/ITG Diskussionssitzung Multimedia über Funk, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany nov 1998.

Adam Wolisz, "Drahtloser Internet Zugang: Viele Probleme und einige Lösungen [26]", Eingeladener Vortrag,Universität Chemnitz, Germany jun 1998.

Adam Wolisz, "Drahtlose Lokale Netze [27]", Invited Tutorium, International Conference mar 1998.


Michael Eyrich, "An Environment for Dynamically Configurable Protocols located in User Space [28]", Technische Universität Berlin, PRZ, TKN , , 1998 EDYPLUS

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