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Publications 1998

Journal Papers And Book Chapters

Hagen Woesner, Jean-Pierre Ebert, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz (1998). Power-Saving Mechanisms in Emerging Standards for Wireless LAN's: The MAC-Level Perspective. IEEE Personal Communication Systems (Special Edition on Power Saving), 40–48.

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Jean-Pierre Ebert, Ralf Holtkamp, Adam Wolisz and Louis Ramel (1998). A Distributed Media Access Control for Wireless ATM Environments. Advances in Wireless Communications. Kluwer, 93–108.

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Christian Röhl, Hagen Woesner and Adam Wolisz (1998). A Short Look on Power Saving Mechanisms in the Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11. Advances in Wireless Communications. Kluwer, 219–226.

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Hagen Woesner (1998). Primenet - A Concept for a WDM-based Fiber Backbone. Optical Network Design and Modelling. Kluwer, 98–106.

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Conference Proceedings

Multimedia Applications over Wireless Links using the Simultaneous MAC-Packet Transmission (SMPT) in a CDMA Environment
Citation key fitzek98:_multim_applic_wirel_links_simul2
Author Frank Fitzek, Berthold Rathke, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz
Title of Book Proc. of 5th Intl. Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Communications MoMuc'98
Pages 367–378
Year 1998
Address Berlin, Germany
Month oct
Abstract After discussing basic issues related to both wireless data transmission and internet principles we identify and discuss fundamental problems of their merge. Following this discussion, a vision of a specific approach and architecture for improving wireless internet access called AMICA is outlined. Furthermore, we analyse the need for re-configurable terminals and active networks to enable advanced wireless Internet services and the support of hierarchical, heterogeneous wireless access, which are indeed the fundamentals of AMICA.
Bibtex Type of Publication ConferenceProceedings
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TKN Technical Report Series

Berthold Rathke, Morten Schläger and Adam Wolisz, "Systematic Measurement of TCP Performance over Wireless LANs", TKN Technical Report Series TKN-98-001, Telecommunication Networks Group, Technische Universität Berlin, 1998

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Talks At Workshops Seminars

Adam Wolisz, "Potential terrestrischer Funkübertragung für Multimedia", DLR/ITG Diskussionssitzung Multimedia über Funk, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany nov 1998.

Adam Wolisz, "Drahtloser Internet Zugang: Viele Probleme und einige Lösungen", Eingeladener Vortrag,Universität Chemnitz, Germany jun 1998.

Adam Wolisz, "Drahtlose Lokale Netze", Invited Tutorium, International Conference mar 1998.


Michael Eyrich, "An Environment for Dynamically Configurable Protocols located in User Space", Technische Universität Berlin, PRZ, TKN , , 1998 EDYPLUS

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