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Course Outline: Project in Advanced Network Technologies

Participants of the project work together in groups of 2-4 students to solve independently, but guided by a graduated super visor, a larger task. Here the goal is besides solving the technical issues also get practice in organization and planning of such larger scopes.
The whole process is monitored by self prepared milestone presentations. The students show that they understand the tasks in the project. They present the project itself as well as a project plan. In this project plan the whole work is split up into smaller tasks. Furthermore it should be visible until which milestone each of the smaller work packages will be finished. This project plan should be included in each of the following presentations to compare the actual progress with the planning at the beginning of the project.

Besides the work on the actual research task the students should also learn how to plan and organize a project. Furthermore the students should learn how to work and solve problems in a group.
At the beginning of the project the super visor will hand out the basic literature. The students are encouraged to search for further literature on their own.
Brief outline of a typical project:
  • collect and examine literature
  • rough outline solution, milestone- and timeplan
  • creation of needed models; some tools require a training period
  • planing the experiments
  • simulations and measurements
  • write the documentation
  • evaluation
General time plan:

  •  1st week - Presentation of projects (by supervisors) and assignment
  •  2nd week- Kickoff,  Hand out of equipment / additional literature...
  •  3rd week- Presentation of the project and project plan (by the students)
  •  6th week- 1st milestone presentation
  • 10th week- 2nd milestone presentation
  • 14th week- 3rd milestone presentation / final presentation
  • 15th week- finish documentation / project work

The students should also create a project report to document their work as well as the results achieved in the project.
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