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XZero: Cross-Technology Interference Nulling for Improved LTE-U/WiFi Coexistence

What is XZero?

Smart antennas can unlock the potential of unlicensed spectrum by letting the coexisting networks transmit concurrently without harmful interference. This is possible by strategically allocating the antenna degrees-of-freedom for both beamforming toward the intended receiver and interference nulling toward the victim receiver(s). Our solution, named Xzero, achieves this goal for the particular case of LTE-unlicensed (LTE-U) and WiFi by overcoming the challenges of cross-technology interference nulling by a null search at the LTE-U BS with assistance from the WiFi network.


What is the demo showing?

Our demo shows a running prototype of Xzero implemented using USRP SDR platform running srsLTE and commodity WiFi hardware. We illustrate the change in the airtime of colocated WiFi and LTE-U networks upon activation of Xzero and fast reconfiguration of the null beam upon a change in WiFi node’s location.



Video URL: youtu.be/_njFMqHyrjM or www.youtube.com/watch


The full paper can be found here: dl.acm.org/citation.cfm or www2.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~zubow/mobisys18demos-final11.pdf




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