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Project name:
Evaluation of RF-based Indoor Localization Solutions for the Future Internet
Funding agency:
EU-funded project under ICT FP7, Call FP7-ICT-2011-8, Objective ICT-2011.1.6 Future Internet Research and Experimentation (c. FIRE Experimentation), contract number: 317989
The EVARILOS project addresses one of the major problems of indoor localization research: The pitfall to reproduce research results in real life scenarios suffering from uncontrolled RF interference and the weakness of numerous published solutions being evaluated under individual, not comparable and not repeatable conditions. Accurate and robust indoor localization is a key enabler for context-aware Future Internet applications, whereby robust means that the localization solutions should perform well in diverse physical indoor environments under realistic RF interference conditions. The objectives of the EVARILOS project are: Firstly, EVARILOS will develop a benchmarking methodology enabling objective experimental validation of and fair comparison between state-of-the art indoor localization solutions. Contrary to previous approaches, the EVARILOS benchmarking methodology not only considers accuracy metrics, but also complexity, cost, energy, and, most importantly, RF interference robustness metrics. Next, the project aims to improve the interference robustness of state-of-the-art localization solutions through (a) introducing multimodal approaches leveraging the diversity of different localization methods; (b) introducing environmental awareness and cognitive features; (c) by leveraging the presence of external interference. Thirdly, the EVARILOS benchmarking methodology and interference-robust localization solutions will be validated in two real-life application scenarios: healthcare in a hospital setting and underground mining safety. The main outcomes of the project are a public handbook on the use of the EVARILOS benchmarking methodology and the EVARILOS benchmarking suite. The latter will be implemented in two different testbeds belonging to the FIRE facilities (CREW and OpenLab) and will be publically available under open source licenses. We will further issue an open challenge for the best localization solution to promote the EVARILOS benchmarking methodology.
Contact person:
irina.piens<at>tu-berlin.de, handziski<at>tkn.tu-berlin.de

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