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SDN Wifi Community

Project name:
SDN Wifi Community
Funding agency:
Today's residential WiFi (IEEE 802.11) networks suffer from performance issues such as low throughput, high packet loss and high delay due to medium contention with co-located WiFi devices as well as interference from WiFi and non-Wifi sources. Despite significant improvements at the physical layer in new amendments like 802.11ac offering very high peak data rate by using MIMO transmissions (up to 8 antennas), higher order modulation (256-QAM), and larger bandwidth (up to 160 MHz) the expected high bit rates cannot, in practice, be achieved by the applications. This can be observed specially in the dense urban unplanned residential environments, with very high density and diversity of wireless devices sharing the same spectrum.   The main cause of the problems is missing coordination between neighboring APs, in frequency selection and in general Radio Resource Management (RRM). The performance of such 802.11 networks can be improved significantly if the RRM across co-located APs is coordinated. In this project we are working on a cloud-based solution allowing us to configure, manage and coordinate the APs in a centralized way.
Contact person:
Mikolaj Chwalisz: chwalisz<a>tkn.tu-berlin.de

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