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ORAN - Projekt

Project name:
OpenFlow-basierten Switches für Forschung und Lehre
Funding agency:
A collaboration project between Technical University Berlin (TUB) and European Center for Information and Communication Technologies (EICT GmbH)
OpenFlow [1] enables experiments in developing efficient networking protocols and architectures by decoupling (at least partially) the intelligence from the data path of a switch/router and delegating it to an external control that can be programmed by network researchers. In the OpenFlow approach experimental protocols are implemented in an external controller without modifications of the routers data-path processing algorithms. For this purpose the switch has to, however, be able to support the OpenFlow Protocol. While this approach has attracted a lot of attention in the research community, the amount of switches following high performance industry standard on one hand, but also being relatively open for flexible configuration and supporting OpenFlow is rather limited. The goal of the ORAN project is to design and prototype an OpenFlow-enabled Ethernet switch based on an AdvancedTCA (ATCA) industrial standard. This standard defines highly modular components that are being used mostly by telecommunication operators to assemble networks consisting of processing elements (computers) and data transport modules (Ethernet switches, mobile base-stations, optical transmission cards etc.) The modularity and the fact that there is a large market for ATCA components lead to low prices for the individual components. The advantages of using ATCA for an experimental network are manifold: composability of components for special purposes (e.g., wireless or optical transmission), a well-introduced industry standard (availability of components is guaranteed over years) and low cost. The project shall develop a prototypical composition of ATCA components that implement OpenFlow and establish an example for other universities and research institutions to go out and build their own that jointly creates a larger test facility.
Project Duration: 05.2010-07.2011

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