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Ongoing Projects
  • COUWBATCOgnitive Radio UltraWideBAnd Transeiver
  • DRUS - Dynamische Ressourcenzuteilung im Uplink lose synchronisierter OFDMA Systeme
  • SDN Wifi Community
  • WiSHFUL - Wireless Software and Hardware platforms for Flexible and 
    Unified radio and network controL
  • ANOPAS - Anwendungsorientierte Optimierung von Media-Streaming mit MPEG-DASH. 
  • eWINE - The elastic Wireless Networking Experimentation
Selection of Completed Projects
  • Adaptive Data-Link to optimise Interactive Voice over Wireless, Local Networks  - Projekt
  • Ametyst
  • AMICA - Adaptable, Mobile; Internet-based Communication Architecture
  • AVM - Autarke verteilte Mikrosysteme
  • BONE - Building the Future Optical Network in Europe
  • Capacity and Energy Efficiency of Cellular Networks (HyperNET/IBMS2)
  • CAR - Capability Aware Routing
  • CELTIC MEVICO - Mobile Networks EVolution for Individual COmmunications Experience
  • COAST - COntent Aware Searching retrieval and sTreaming
  • CONDEL 2
  • CONET - Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence
  • CREWCognitive Radio Experimentation World
  • EVARILOS -  Evaluation of RF-based Indoor Localization Solutions for the Future Internet
  • DISCOURSE - Distributed, Collaborative University Research and Study Environment

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